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MSDS Illustrations

Risk Phrases and Safety Phrases
Some of our customers like to illustrate MSDS data sheets, (material safety data sheets) risk assessments and so on, with CHIP symbols from the Hazard Label Symbols package, and with blue mandatory or red-black prohibition symbols from our Safety & Site Management product.

An issue raised by a number of users is that, while CHIP symbols illustrate hazard information, ie the nature of a hazard, and the blue mandatory and red-black prohibition symbols define or restrict certain actions, these do not always have the subtlety of meaning required by some situations. No standard symbology exists to describe actions or procedures which are “advisory”, optional, conditional on some other feature being present, or which deal with issues unrelated to safety. 

We have included some “advisory” style symbols and these are shown below. They have the same length-to-width ration as a captioned CHIP symbol so they won’t look out of place in a MSDS chemical data sheet.

While originally the symbols were all based on ideas suggested by customers, We now include symbols which illustrate some of the “Safety Phrases” defined by the CHIP and COSHH legislation.

Illustrations for Risk and Safety Phrases

Home > Hazard Label Symbols > MSDS Icons

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